Incentivize and facilitate study groups to normalize students learning from each other outside of class.


  • Encourage students to form study groups. Providing just a few points, though inconsequential, for meeting in a study groups at least once nevertheless motivates some students to engage in this potentially beneficial practice.
  • Ask students to submit the names of the people who attended the study group, what they did during the group, and when they met. This can provide some accountability.
  • Give students recommendations for the study group including: how they should use their time, what size group they should meet in, and how long they should meet (perhaps just a minimum amount of time).


  • Some, but not all students will already have a social network within the class within which they can create a study group. But likely all students would benefit from a study group.
  • By making it explicit what study groups should do to study, you can help students practice more rather than less effective methods. This can be domain specific and might not be something students already know.