Specify your expectations for clear and consistent references and formatting to support complete and consistent formatting of references.


  • Explain to students that the formatting of references varies for different disciplines
  • Provide students guidelines for how you want references formatted
  • Direct students how to consistently and completely label figures and graphs.
  • Have students’ bibliography due before the final version of the paper so that students spend enough time completely and consistently formatting their references.
  • Many resources exist online to help students completely and consistently format that references. Purdue Resource
  • When possible explain the rationale behind formatting rules. For example, explain table titles appear above the table because tables sometimes span multiple pages.
  • Document and share disciplinary expectations regarding what does and what does not require a reference.
  • The Claremont Colleges Library provides an “Exploring Academic Integrity” tutorial that provides information about appropriate Attribution and Citation


  • Disciplinary standards vary and it may be difficult for students to identify guides to develop complete and consistent references.